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Print Design + Surface Design

PROJECT GUIDE: Michiel Schuurman

at Royal Academy of Art (KABK), The Hague.

A Truchet is a repeating pattern that does not break if the tiles are rotated. This allows for a multitude of patterns to be made by rearranging the same tile. 

The aim was to create an organic yet structured pattern that would flow easily, and could be used on a variety of different kinds of prints or textile surfaces. The final results were printed on a Riso printer.


Research included studying the work and patterns of Sebastian Truchet to understand the structure behind making the patterns.


Inital sketches explored the pattern in lines, to see how overlaps, density and mirroring affected the depth perception.


The pattern was resolved to a double line and colours were tried out on a Riso printer.

pink on black.jpg
purple copy.jpg
ryb copy.jpg
pink on yellow.jpg

While overlaying and trying different colours, the aim was to create an illusion, but not make it so busy as to lose the pattern in itself.


The final tile

Any tile can be placed in any orientation, and the repeat will still hold.

See here for a digital colour exploration of these tiles.

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