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Brand Identity


The Plufl is a product for napping that is inspired by the classic dog bed. It serves as a human nest that envelops and provides ultimate comfort and relaxation.

The immense science behind the benefits of napping show that naps are an effective way to combat exhaustion, boost productivity and fight the negative effects of lack of sleep on our bodies, minds and spirits.

A new and upcoming endeavour, Plufl required branding that would make you comfortable and relaxed before you even stepped into the Plufl. The aim was to create an atmosphere of tranquility that foreshadowed what the Plufl could offer you.  

Artboard 2 copy_3x.png
Artboard 24 copy_3x.png

The aim was to create a dream-like state that inspires not only rest and comfort, but also rejuvenation. Plufl urges you to quickly drift off into a nap, and wake up refreshed and alert.

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Artboard 35_3x.png
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Artboard 38_3x.png

Photography and collaterals

A good mix of photographs, images and written content was created for social media. The product itself needed to be displayed for the user to see. A mix of words and emojis helped showcase and highlight the product.

Artboard 34.png
Artboard 41_3x.png
Artboard 40_3x.png
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